Text'nDrive™ F.A.Q.

Text'nDrive™ maintains a list of the most frequent questions that are asked by our users. Here are some of the most common requests:

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What is Text'nDrive™?

Text'nDrive™ is a mobile application that eliminates the dangerous temptation to email while driving. Text'nDrive™ for iPhone reads email messages out loud in real time and lets you reply by voice. In addition to email messages, Text'nDrive™ for BlackBerry also reads SMS. In both cases, no typing required - just SPEAK!

Why use Text'nDrive™?

In today's world texting and emailing have become common practices everywhere and all the time - even while driving. Distracted driving has become a safety issue and many jurisdictions have banned using a handheld cell phone while driving. Text'nDrive™ allows you to keep track of your messages while being a responsible driver. Now users can avoid tickets, accidents and unnecessary risks by listening to messages and replying with voice, thanks to the easy to use Text'nDrive™ app.

My emails are not being read.

If you're using a POP account, only new incoming emails will be read once the application is opened. With an IMAP account, the last 3 unread emails will be read.

If your emails are opened by an email software first, they might be marked as read and therefore will not be read by the app.

Please note that sometimes emails aren't read on the first check; they can be read at the second or third check. Open the application and wait for it to convert your emails into audio and read them to you.

Can I use Text'nDrive™ on any mobile phone?

At the moment, Text'nDrive™ is compatible with Apple iPhone™ with O.S. 3.1 and more and BlackBerry® smartphone with O.S. 4.5 and more.
We don't support any BlackBerry Storm for now.

Does Text'nDrive™ works with all wireless carriers?

Yes, Text'nDrive™ is compatible with ALL wireless carriers.

Do I need a specific headset to use Text'nDrive™?

No, Text'nDrive™ works with most speakerphone, headset, or car hands-free kit.

Who should use Text'nDrive™?

Text'nDrive™ is a great tool for anyone who wants to keep track of their messages while driving. Whether you are a salesman on the road, a taxi driver, a parent or a teenager, our application lets you keep your hand on your wheel and your eyes on the road.

What languages is Text'nDrive™ compatible with?

For the moment, Text'nDrive™ is offered in North American English, French and Spanish.

Other language options are currently in development. Visit our website for any updates.

Is Text'nDrive™ free?

Text'nDrive™'s Free version allows you to listen to your incoming messages only. You will not have the option to reply to messages. The Free app is a great option if you want to keep track of messages while driving, but you do not need to respond immediately. Please note that the iPhone version currently supports email messages only

The price for the PRO version may vary from time to time.

Does Text'nDrive™ charge a fee for each message read?

No. Text'nDrive™ does not bill you any additional charges for using its services. We strongly recommend you check with your mobile provider to ensure you know the standard rate charges for your text messaging and internet usage within your existing mobile usage plan.

Where should I use Text'nDrive™?

While Text'nDrive™ was designed to help you stay safe and productive while driving, you can use Text'nDrive™ anywhere you want to.

Can I create a new message without replying to someone?

No. Text'nDrive only allows you to reply to your incoming messages. You cannot create a new message unless you are replying to someone.

Does Text'nDrive™ have any negative impact on my Bluetooth performance?

No, Text'nDrive™ will not decrease your Bluetooth performance. Please note that some Bluetooth devices with built in-command are not supported yet.

Third party spam filter

If you're using a third party spam filter or firewall with your Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo account, or any other webmail account, please verify the settings with your service provider. Your Text'nDrive application is configured with the default setting from major webmail account providers.

Why are you sending a reply to my messages

We send an automatic reply to inform the sender that you're driving at the moment to reduce texting while driving risks. Please note that only one message per day is sent to a new recipient. You may disable at any time this option in the settings or change the message to something more personal.

I bought the Pro version but I'm not able to reply

To enable the Pro version, you may need to restart your device to reset the connection with our license server .

Voice command is not working

You should wait 1 or 2 seconds after the beep before saying your voice command.

I send a test reply and I didn't receive it

As the application converts your messages into text format, it may take more time depending on the length of your message. You can also check your junk/spam folder and the outgoing server settings for your email account in the application.